Meet new people and meaningfully engage with different worldviews over your favorite coffee.

You’ll be able to connect with other students and faculty members from your college for a series of three coffee chats. This is a space to get curious, promote inclusivity and widen your community on campus. Our conversation guides will open up discussions that can help partners traverse religious faith, secular beliefs, morality and god.

Participating Schools

Student organizations at the following schools have been awarded grants to run beta test this year.

The coffee chats app will help you:

Meet new people with different views

The app will assign you a coffee chat partner who is a peer and member of your university but holds a different worldview, ensuring your conversations are intellectually stimulating and, at times, challenging. Participating in Veritas Coffee Chats will expand your network of friends on campus and you’ll be able to enjoy coffee in the process!

Since 1992 The Veritas Forum has invited university communities to dialogue with respect and curiosity about the ideas that shape our lives. We hope the conversations facilitated through this app will foster connections with people from different worldviews and contribute to building a university community where participants can bring all of themselves rather than compartmentalizing or filtering their genuine views and questions about life’s timeless questions.

Engage meaningfully

We hope that participants both give and gain from their coffee chats. By being prepared with friendliness, an open mind and conversation prompts, we hope you’ll be able to bring a meaningful perspective to your coffee chat partner. Similarly, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and nurture your curiosity by inquiring about your partner’s faith, religious and non-religious background and views.

This isn’t a space for debate, but instead amicable conversations aiming to explore life’s big questions while we build new friendships and create a college community marked by intellectual humility, truth seeking and generous dialogue.

Coffee on us

Fancy a free coffee? In-app promotions will often allow you to claim a free drink at your coffee chats.

A limited number of coffee cards will be distributed while supplies last. If you qualify, the card will be activated after you have completed the chat feedback survey. No purchase necessary. Must sign up within the promotional period specified on your campus.

Set Up Tutorial

In the video below, Sienna, explains how to set the Veritas Coffee Chat app. Schedule meetings, learn about meeting best practices, conversation facilitators, and more!

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Safety Guidelines

  • Meet in a public place.
  • If available, use your campus online directory to verify your partner’s campus affiliation information in advance.
  • Use your best judgment and put safety first.
  • Your campus’ code of conduct applies to your interactions.
  • Do not use the Veritas Forum Coffee Chats app for any illegal activities or harassment.
  • Cancel a pairing at any time. You can flag a user after canceling a meeting (instructions are in the app Self-Reflection Questions).

Privacy & Terms

Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the Coffee Chats app.


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