Supporting student-led Christian journals through the Augustine Collective

Campus journals are a place where students can grow in thoughtful articulation of their beliefs and contribute to the campus conversation.

The Augustine Collective was launched in 2010 and became a program of The Veritas Forum in 2017. Each journal within the network is independently run and publishes a variety of student essays, reviews, art, poetry, podcast episodes, and more—all inspired by the Christian story. In supporting this network, The Veritas Forum provides resources, training, and leadership development, and facilitates collaboration across the community.

history of the network

In 2004, students at Harvard College published the first issue of The Ichthus, a journal of Christian thought intended to facilitate discussion with “people of all faiths, and of none.” By 2010, eight similar journals had been started at other campuses, and The Augustine Collective was founded to increase collaboration among them. In 2017, The Veritas Forum adopted the program under its umbrella.

why augustine?

St. Augustine of Hippo was a Christian theologian, philosopher, and bishop in the fourth and fifth centuries. Augustine believed that faith and reason do not contradict each other because there is no contradiction in God, the author of truth. Augustine serves as a model for producing work of breadth, rigor, and imagination that explores how all things hold together in Christ.

The Veritas Forum supports campus journals and their student teams through:



We provide coaching to help students develop a vision for their work and acquire the skills to sustain a flourishing publication, including writing, editing, leadership, and more.



We offer resources year-round to member journals, including events, connection to the wider network, and exposure to professional models and opportunities.



The Augustine Collective Students Track is where student journal staff build vision, skills, and friendships; it is held during Veritas Weekend. The Veritas Institute is a selective, week-long writing development program.

In the middle of some of society’s most influential institutions, Augustine Collective writers are unapologetically articulating a Christian understanding of the world, but in ways that are winsome, inviting, and value what the university stands for.


Augustine Collective journals have won recognition for their writing, design, and online presence dedicated to providing a fresh approach to exploring Christian faith on campus.

JOURNALS include:

The Agathos

Bowdoin College


Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design


California Polytechnic State University

The Witness

Columbia University


Cornell University

The Apologia

Dartmouth College


Duke University

In Via

Emory University

Christo et Doctrinae

Furman University

The Ichthus

Harvard University

Et Spiritus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heart of the Hall

Seton Hall University

Vox Clara

Stanford University


Swarthmore College


The Claremont Colleges

To the Well

The University of North Carolina

To an Unknown God

University of California, Berkeley


University of Chicago

Between Cities

University of Minnesota

Through a Glass Darkly

University of Oxford

Penn Epistle

University of Pennsylvania


University of Virginia


Vanderbilt University


Washington University in St. Louis

The Pub

Wheaton College


Williams College

The Logos

Yale University

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