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#GOALS: Life Hacks, Moral Virtues, and the Desire for Happiness

April 17, 2018 at 6:00-7:30pm / Battell Chapel

Unhappy? Join us for the Veritas Forum to discuss whether moral virtue plays a role in pursuit of the good life

Yale University

Yale’s most popular class to date, “Psychology and the Good Life,” has captured the attention of not only the Yale campus, but also of the nation. And yet we cannot be surprised at the interest in this class on happiness, not when the 50%+ of Yale students seeking treatment for mental health issues is but a microcosm of the spiking trend in depression and anxiety we see sweeping across the entire nation. This trend is revelatory: despite our innate human desire to live a "good life," we are demonstrably inept at knowing what is good for us, remaining unhappy amidst all our various pleasures. What is the reason for our unhappiness? How do we grapple with the subtle but nagging feeling of unhappiness—or the uglier, more visceral reality of evil? Does practicing virtue under the guise of religion offer just one among many means of coping with unhappiness, or does it teach something different altogether? In this year's Veritas Forum at Yale, we're joining in this important and timely conversation on Yale’s campus, exploring the role that moral virtue plays in pursuit of the good life. Dr. Laurie Santos, professor of Yale’s “Psychology and the Good Life,” and Dr. Jennifer Frey, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina, will discuss whether moral virtue, religious belief, and religious practice are superfluous to the good life—or possibly essential to it.

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Laurie Santos

Professor of Psychology

Yale University

Jennifer Frey

Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department

University of South Carolina

Adam Eitel

Assistant Professor of Ethics

Yale Divinity School
Yale University