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Does God Belong in the Liberal Arts?

March 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM / Griffin 3

A Christian Mathematician and a Non-Religious Philosopher Discuss Faith, God, and Williams

Williams College

A liberal arts education is designed to raise the fundamental questions of human life – what does it mean to live well? What does a just society look like? How do the domains of knowledge connect? Historically, these questions have also been connected to the question of God’s existence, nature, and purposes. Today this connection is less clear, although spiritual questions are no less prevalent. What does faith in God contribute to the liberal arts? Does discussion of God even belong in the liberal arts? Join us to hear a Christian mathematician and a non-religious philosopher take up these questions.

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Satyan Devadoss

Fletcher Jones Chair of Applied Mathematics

University of San Diego

Alan White

Professor of Philosophy

Williams College
Williams College