Northwestern University

Hey Siri, Are You My Friend?

May 2, 2018 at 7:30pm / Alice Millar Chapel

Exploring Artificial Intelligence, Humanity, and Faith

Northwestern University

Though once the stuff of science fiction, today artificial intelligence is everywhere. From self-driving cars to the robots on assembly lines building them, artificial intelligence is quickly shaping more and more of 21st century life. All this begs some important questions. How should humans relate to artificial intelligence? Can robots be human? And how might one's worldview help us better understand our relationship with artificial intelligence? Join us on May 2nd for discussion of the intersection of artificial intelligence, humanity, and faith.

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Dr. J. Nathan Matias

Founder of CivilServant and Postdoctoral Researcher at Psychology, Sociology, and Center for IT Policy

Princeton University

Dr. Ágnes Horvát

Assistant Professor in Communication Studies, Affiliated Faculty at Institute on Complex Systems

Northwestern University

Dr. Kristian Hammond

Co-Director and Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Northwestern University
Northwestern University