Program Coordinator, Veritas Scholars Program

Since its first forum event at Harvard in 1992, Veritas Forums have emerged on more than 200 universities around the world, engaging more than 800,000 students, faculty, and community members. The Veritas Scholars Program is a recent initiative of The Veritas Forum that invests in the next generation of Christian faculty & scholars through mentorship, community building, and direct support. The Program builds on years of Veritas work and research on how to support and serve top tier universities and faculty. 

Key Responsibilities

The Scholars Program Coordinator will be responsible for assisting the Operations Director and Vice President of the Scholars Program with day-to-day operations as the team stewards the national Scholars Program network. This primarily includes maintaining the operational systems that support the work of the Program, supporting the scholar guest experience during the Program’s annual gathering, and supporting the mentorship experience and community management of the Veritas Scholars Program network. The Scholars Program Coordinator will report directly to the Operations Director of the Veritas Scholars Program. 

The Scholars Program Coordinator has responsibilities in the follow areas: 

  • Maintain the Veritas Scholars Program databases, backend communication systems, and relevant tech tools, according to standard processes outlined by the Director. 
  • Support existing mentorship cohorts, including assisting in planning & executing mid-year cohort convenings, scheduling monthly cohort calls, maintaining community management platform & app, facilitating relevant logistics for cohort activities (e.g., facilitating reimbursement, site visit planning & execution). 
  • Assist the Scholars Program team in engineering and executing the annual scholar gathering, which brings together leading Christian faculty, students, postdocs, and other partners for encouragement, community-building, and targeting training. In particular, support the gathering’s scholar guest experience (e.g., mentor/mentee cohort assignment, mentor/speaker speaking session assignment).
  • Support communications with senior and early-career scholars throughout the Program’s mentorship and annual gathering scholar guest experience, in addition to communications staying in touch with scholars (e.g., newsletter).  Maintain accurate reporting for Scholar Program activities, including revising relevant dashboards and operational systems, and coordinating with Veritas’s Operations, Development, and Media teams as needed. 
  • Participate in team meetings and Veritas all staff meetings, providing additional support of the Scholars Program team support as needed.

Work Experience & Skills

  • A passion for Christ grounded in the regular disciplines of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers in the context of a local church, and a mature and growing faith evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit in your life.
  • A desire to work at a values-driven organization, ready to champion and contribute to our five values: faithful innovation, gracious excellence, collaborative learning, joyful service, assuming the best of others.
  • 2-3 years of demonstrated experience within the higher-education, non-profit, or business sector.
  • Energy to quickly learn software tools like Airtable, Asana, Google Suite, and Slack, and an interest in deep-diving into how the Scholars Program team can most effectively sync these & additional platforms. 
  • A curious and resourceful approach to work, and proactive internal motivation.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience required.

Position Overview

Status┃Full-time, exempt

Location┃United States - Remote. Must be willing and able to work from home.

Travel Requirements┃10-15 days each year for Veritas events and training (esp. June 22-26, 2025 for Scholars Summit)

Benefits & Compensation

The Veritas Forum offers benefits and compensation commensurate with experience and competitive with other nonprofit organizations.

Next Steps

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to: with “Scholars” as the subject. 

About Veritas

The Veritas Forum partners with Christian thought leaders, professors, and campus fellowships to support the intellectual credibility of Christianity in the university and the broader public sphere. Veritas is propelled by an ambitious vision to see universities become places where the big questions asked by students are not the reason they lose their faith, but the reason they find it. 

Driving this vision are three core pillars of work: campus dialogue, community formation, and content engagement. We come alongside students, faculty, and campus ministers to help create Forums on university campuses around the world that invite intellectually curious students and scholars to explore life’s big ideas. In support of this work, we connect, form, and train networks of students and faculty leaders who carry on the conversations through journals and scholarship, and we extend the conversations to global audiences through digital media.

The first Veritas Forum took place at Harvard in 1992, and today nearly 200 universities across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia host Forums, and have engaged over 800,000 students, faculty, and university community members. 

Our Name

"Veritas" is the Latin word for truth—and a word commonly found in university mottos; it refers to our belief that truth can be sought and found. "Forum" refers to our commitment to creating spaces where ideas can be openly shared and discussed.

Our Beliefs

We are grounded and motivated by the historic Christian faith that seeks to love God and neighbor. We affirm the Nicene Creed and are ecumenical and invitational in our approach.

Best Christian Workplaces

The Veritas Forum has been certified as one of the Best Christian Workplaces in 2023 for a commitment to strong employee engagement and a flourishing workplace culture.