Forums Program Manager

The Veritas Forum is a strategic ministry that partners with Christian professors, campus ministries, and thought leaders, to engage universities and the broader public square with life’s big questions. The Veritas Forum puts the Christian faith in dialogue with other beliefs and invites participants from all backgrounds to start conversations that matter.

The Veritas Forum has several programs, but our flagship initiative is Veritas Forums, which leads high-profile university events that engage students and faculty from a range of worldviews. Our forums feature dialogue marked by rigor and respect around life’s big questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to those questions.

Description: The Forums Program Manager provides support to the Forums program and our partners in hosting forums as effortlessly as possible. The Program Manager is responsible for the maintenance of the systems and processes that support the work of Forums planning on campuses and within the organization. This is a permanent, full-time position; but the role can be structured as a one- or two-year commitment for the right candidate.

Specifically, the Forums Program Manager has responsibilities in the following areas:

Maintain the operational core for Forums Programs

  • Develop, update and make accessible cutting edge resources and systems to provide operational support to teams for campus programming 
  • Design, deliver and refine an effective communications strategy to manage partnership within the Veritas Network on campuses including students, faculty, ministry leaders
  • Interface with the Media Department especially as it relates to production
  • Manage and organize Forums data
  • Provide production support for forums
  • Provide support relating to Feature Forum grant requirements, media and forums outputs


Manage partnerships and help lead 12-15 Forums

  • Work with the VP of Forums to set goals and develop strategies to support high quality forums on target campuses
  • Lead team development and event execution of Veritas Forums on 10-13 campuses
  • Continue to cultivate strong, trust-based relationships with campus ministers and students on their campuses and, where appropriate, regional staff
  • Act as an engagement “consultant,” guiding the campus team’s decisions on engagement approach, outreach strategy, and Forum components (e.g., presenters, topics, formats) that will best serve their campuses

Support a positive team culture at Veritas

  • Be a team member. Collaborate with Forums team members on a regular basis.  As needed, you’ll serve your colleagues in other program areas (e.g., Faculty Development, Media, Augustine Collective, Development, etc.) with a positive and problem-solving attitude. You’ll complete additional duties as identified and assigned. 
  • Own your outcomes. You’ll be a self-motivated self-starter who sets clear goals, anticipates problems, perseveres, and holds yourself accountable. 
  • Get better every day. You’ll welcome the gift of redemptive feedback, never settle in your quest to grow and develop, and make our organization stronger.


Qualifications: A qualified applicant should have:

  • Mature faith. Be a mature and growing Christian, with a passion for the university and  educational programming that helps students connect the big ideas with the life and  message of Christ.  
  • College education. Have a bachelor’s degree (at minimum).
  • Relevant experience. Have relevant work experience in program management, campus ministry and/or university work and event planning.  
  • Applicable skills. Demonstrate (a) administrative or program leadership experience within the higher-education, non-profit, or business sector, (b) excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to inform, coach and cast vision to students, faculty and colleagues, (c) ability to be self-directed, prioritize, and lead a team towards defined goals and outcomes.  
  • Healthy relationships. Have a track record of cultivating trust-based relationships that allow  him/her to influence and mobilize students, colleagues, and partners.  
  • Love for the university.  (a) Enjoy working in a fast-paced, mission-driven, performance-oriented  culture, (b) Appreciate a depth of understanding of the mission of Christian thought on university campuses, and (c) Have a passion to equip college students to serve and shape the  culture on their campuses through the gospel. 
  • Flexibility. Ability to travel up to 15-20% of the year for event planning and to work closely with Veritas partners.


Terms: This role reports to the Vice President of Forums is fully remote. Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Position Overview

Status | Full Time

Location | United States- Remote (Eastern time zone work hours)

Next Steps

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to: with “Forums Program Manager” as the subject.

About Veritas

The Veritas Forum partners with Christian thought leaders, professors, and campus fellowships to support the intellectual credibility of Christianity in the university and the broader public sphere. Veritas is propelled by an ambitious vision to see universities become places where the big questions asked by students are not the eason they lose their faith, but the reason they find it.

Driving this vision are three core pillars of work: campus dialogue, community formation, and content engagement. We come alongside students, faculty, and campus ministers to help create Forums on university campuses around the world that invite intellectually curious students and scholars to explore life’s big ideas. In support of this work, we connect, form, and train networks of students and faculty leaders who carry on the conversations through journals and scholarship, and we extend the conversations to global audiences through digital media.

The first Veritas Forum took place at Harvard in 1992, and today nearly 200 universities across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia host Forums, and have engaged over 800,000 students, faculty, and university community members.

Our Name

"Veritas" is the Latin word for truth—and a word commonly found in university mottos; it refers to our belief that truth can be sought and found. "Forum" refers to our commitment to creating spaces where ideas can be openly shared and discussed.

Our Beliefs

We are grounded and motivated by the historic Christian faith that seeks to love God and neighbor. We affirm the Nicene Creed and are ecumenical and invitational in our approach.

Best Christian Workplaces

The Veritas Forum has been certified as one of the Best Christian Workplaces in 2023 for a commitment to strong employee engagement and a flourishing workplace culture.