Unquestionably, one of the most perplexing and existentially troubling problems for the Christian is the existence and extent of evil in our world. It would seem that if God is all-powerful he could eliminate all evil, and if he was all-good he would want to eliminate all evil. Yet, evil exists. Some have argued that if God exists he must be evil, but this leaves no account of all the good in the world. Despite the heartbreaking amounts of evil in the world, there are unfathomable amounts of good things in the world that stimulate our senses and move our hearts, such as roses, puppies, sunsets, oceans, friendship, and love. The world is not filled with evil, but it is also not filled with good-it is an amalgam of both. This lecture examines the question if Christianity is compatible with this kind of world. You are welcome to come, think, and discuss.