Our world is filled with conflicting messages about beauty. More and more we are bombarded with images of personal beauty that focus on appearance, weight, and sexuality, and our American culture lusts after this elusive beauty in any way possible. We all have a sense that there is more to beauty than just what meets the eye, but what is true beauty? We desire to engage in a conversation about how a faith in God informs a view of beauty in human beings, asking the question: How does the gospel inform your sense of beauty in relation to the self? Rick McKinley, author of Jesus in the Margins and This Beautiful Mess and pastor of Imago Dei Community Church in Portland, Oregon, and Dr. Lauren Winner, professor at Duke Divinity School and author of Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath, and Real Sex, provide their insights into this interesting question. An extensive Q&A session will follow the discussion, moderated by Dr. Marla Frederick.