The Veritas Forum is thrilled to announce the arrival of Teal Wojcicki and Peter Blair to our growing team. While Peter joins as program manager of the Augustine Collective, Teal joins as university engagement director on the Forums team.

Peter Blair

Prior to joining Veritas, Peter served as associate editor of The American Interest and campus program coordinator for the Thomistic Institute, a Catholic organization designed to promote truth through intellectual formation. He is the founding editor of Fare Forward and was editor-in-chief of The Dartmouth Apologia. In 2014, Christianity Today named Peter as one of the top “33 Under 33” Christian leaders “shaping the next generation of our faith.”

“At Veritas, I will have the opportunity to help manage, grow, and co-create programs to serve student editors and writers involved in the Augustine Collective,” said Peter. “I look forward to playing my part in driving forward the overall growth and dynamism of the network.”

Prior to joining Veritas, Teal worked with Christian Union at Harvard and in administrative roles at Duke University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. As a campus minister, Teal understands the university landscape and the challenges facing college students today. At Veritas, she will work directly with students, helping them host Forums that meaningfully address big questions on their campuses and put Christianity in dialogue with other worldviews.

Teal Wojcicki

“The call of Christians to prophetically and winsomely engage the culture feels more urgent than ever,” said Teal. “I come to Veritas with a rich theological vision for why Veritas matters, why Forums do and must exist, and how a compelling conversation can ignite and support a fresh witness to Jesus and a beautiful vision of human flourishing.”

“We could not be more excited to have Peter and Teal joining our team,” said David Hobbet, executive director of The Veritas Forum. “We believe that hiring innovative and passionate individuals like them will greatly increase our capacity to engage students and faculty with the truth and beauty of the gospel for all of life, as we seek the peace and prosperity of the university.”

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