You’re In! Now What?

Veritas Academy: Faith, Learning, & Making the Most of College

A Pre-College Retreat for Incoming U of M Freshmen: July 22-24, 2019

Veritas Academy is a three-day residential experience for incoming University of Minnesota freshmen and rising sophomores, held on the Twin Cities Campus and hosted by Anselm House in partnership with The Veritas Forum. With sessions and activities led by the U’s upperclassmen, Anselm House staff, and Christian faculty, the retreat will lay a strong foundation for students to thrive during their time at college and to see why these years matter to God. There will be ample discussion on the challenges and reality of finding the right fit in ministry, church community, and friend groups as you transition into life on campus. The curriculum draws on both Anselm House’s and The Veritas Forum’s expertise in engaging faith and life’s biggest questions in the context of the public university as well as the students who face these questions every day. As a result, freshmen will transition to campus in the fall already connected to a vibrant community of Christian faculty and students.


Students will come out of Veritas Academy with: 

    • Relationships with faculty, upperclassmen, and alumni
    • A framework for integrating faith and learning in college
    • Tools for designing a meaningful college experience
    • A vision for serving and contributing to campus life
  • A faith community of peers before orientation starts

When: July 22-24, 2019
Where: University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus
Who: Soon-to-be freshmen at the U of M who are excited to cultivate their faith in college, intentionally contribute to campus life, and meet Christian faculty, upperclassmen, alumni, campus ministers, and peers
What: An intensive learning experience that provides incoming U of M freshmen with the tools, resources, community and vision to flourish in college
How: Apply by June 30
Cost: $199, including all lodging, meals, and all materials

Scholarships (including travel costs) are available upon application. Have further questions? Send an email to