Steve Hass is a gifted and dynamic spokesperson for World Vision's worldwide humanitarian work, with a role that includes working with church leaders, contributing to strategic planning on major issues, and communicating about global issues that affect the poor. While few of us may be called to relief work, Steve believes that all of us are under orders to live out loud. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Kansas, Steve temporarily suspended his studies to work in youth ministry in the Philippines. After graduating, he labored along the Thailand border as a relief worker aiding Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees. He went on to earn a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1985, then served as associate rector of Craigsbank Church in Scotland while pursuing postgraduate studies in Edinburgh. His career has included serving on the staff of Illinois Willow Creek Community Church, one of America's best-known mega-churches where he developed small group ministry and then local and international ministries. He joined World Vision in 2001. His leadership of World Vision's Vision Trips, which allow church leaders to personally witness the impact of AIDS in African communities, has helped to engage and mobilize congregations across America on the AIDS crisis. Steve also was one of the driving forces behind the launch of World Vision's Acting on AIDS program, which today has chapters at dozens of colleges across the U.S.