DR. STEPHEN BARR is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Delaware. His particular areas of expertise are grand unified theories, theories of CP violation, theories of neutrino masses and mixing, and particle cosmology, especially theories of baryogenesis and dark matter. In addition to his profession of research and teaching in physics, Dr. Barr also has written and lectured extensively on the relation of science and religion. He is a believing and practicing Catholic whose writing in the area of science and religion has also been well-received by Protestants and Jews. He was elected to the Academy of Catholic Theology in 2010, has received the Benemerenti Medal as a papal award given for service to the Church, and he currently serves as the President of the Society of Catholic Scientists. Dr. Barr has written books on science and faith such as Modern Physics and Ancient Faith; Science and Religion: the Myth of Conflict; and The Believing Scientist: Essays on Science and Religion.