Dr. Satyan L. Devadoss is the Fletcher Jones Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of San Diego, and holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from The Johns Hopkins University. Before joining the faculty at USD, he was a professor of Mathematics at Williams College and an Arnold Ross assistant professor at The Ohio State University. Professor Devadoss has earned accolades for both his scholarship and his teaching. Among these are the William Kelso Morrill Award for excellence in mathematics, and the Henry L. Alder National Award, honoring young faculty whose teaching has been extraordinarily successful with influence beyond their own classroom. Professor Devadoss is also an inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, for members who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics. Professor Devadoss has authored a textbook on computational geometry, created a DVD lecture series on the shape of nature, and written dozens of research articles on topics ranging from origami and cartography, to phylogenetics and particle collisions. In addition, he has attracted support from the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the Department of Defense, as well as holding visiting positions at The Ohio State University, the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. He also has an incredible love for really good ice cream