Rob Feagan’s work at Laurier Brantford covers a range of themes and topics, both in terms of what he teaches, as well as with respect to the areas of research for which he is engaged. Being one of the early faculty at this campus provided Dr. Feagan with the opportunity to bring together his interests in community writ large, so that they aligned with his teaching and research responsibilities. Hence, his work at helping to define the flagship course for this campus, focused on the ‘story’ of the Grand River. This allowed him to take students on a journey around the cultural, economic, environmental, and political stories of the diverse peoples that came and went in this unique region over its thousands of years of occupation. All of these stories are inflected with the notion of community. His current outreach, teaching, and research in community, come in the form of both community service learning (CSL), and community as it revolves around food. CSL refers to developing spaces for students (and himself) to engage progressively in ‘community’, in all of its forms, and to find ways and paths so that such engagement moves us in the direction of the engaged citizen – one of the foundational aspirations in Laurier’s mission. His community research is focused on food, examining in both objective and activist modes, how we can re-localize our food systems through community gardens, farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture, and local food maps. Working with the various ‘communities’ that comprise the above teaching and research areas, is both a privilege, and a source of great joy in his life.