Richard J. Mouw has served as president of Fuller Theological Seminary since 1993, after having served the seminary for four years as provost and senior vice president. A philosopher, scholar, and author, Dr. Mouw joined the faculty of Fuller Theological Seminary as professor of Christian philosophy and ethics in 1985. Before coming to Fuller he served for 17 years as professor of philosophy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has also served as a visiting professor at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Dr. Mouw serves as a panelist in the online forum “On Faith” offered by Newsweek and the Washington Post. In 2007 Princeton Theological Seminary awarded Dr. Mouw the Abraham Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Life. Dr. Mouw currently serves as president of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Additionally, he has participated in many councils and boards, including the Council on Civil Society. He is active in ecumenical and interfaith activities, and presently represents the Presbyterian Church (USA) as co-chair of the official Reformed Catholic Dialogue. Dr. Mouw earned a BA from Houghton College, and Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Alberta, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Mouw’s publications include: Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World (InterVarsity, 1992); and Praying at Burger King (Eerdmans, 2007); and many others. For other printed publications see: