Philip Kurian was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a theoretical physicist and founding director of the Quantum Biology Laboratory at Howard University. Dr. Kurian is the recipient of fellowships from the U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission, Whole Genome Science Foundation, Truman Foundation, National Physical Science Consortium, and the National Institutes of Health. His work as a Fulbright Scholar in Trieste, Italy, paved the way for establishing the Quantum Biology Laboratory, which studies how fundamental particles governed by quantum physics can produce biological manifestations at the mesoscopic and clinical scale, including critical processes in neurodegeneration, cancer, and human consciousness. Before his career as a scientist, Dr. Kurian served as a mathematics teacher at Simon Gratz High School in North Philadelphia, an experience he avows was enlightening, humbling, and more difficult than theoretical physics. His life trajectory was forever changed when he became a follower of Christ in 2006.