Dr. Paul Rinzler, a jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and author, joined the Cal Poly faculty in 1997 as Director of Jazz Studies. His articles on jazz have appeared in journals such as Jazz Research, The Annual Review of Jazz Studies, and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. Dr. Rinzler has been awarded several National Endowment of the Arts grants, including a jazz performance grant. Scarecrow Press published his latest book, The Contradictions of Jazz, a book about the opposite values that jazz musicians embrace, values such as individualism and interconnectedness, tradition and creativity, and others. On his jazz piano trio CD, Active Listening (Sea Breeze Jazz 3039), Cadence magazine noted "impressive trio interplay," and "rich dialogues." Wadsworth Publishing released his listening guide software that accompanies the jazz history text Essential Jazz: The First 100 Years. Dr. Rinzler has been active for many years in atheist organizations and in promoting the separation of church and state. He is on the board of directors of Atheists United San Luis Obispo.