Nishan de Mel, A.B. Hons. (Harvard), M.Phil (Oxon), D.Phil (Oxon), is an Economist. His undergraduate honors thesis was titled, "The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Poverty Alleviation in Sri Lanka"; a theme which continued to inform his research and public policy engagements in subsequent years. He is presently the Executive Director of Verité Research (Pvt.) Ltd., specializing in strategic analysis for policy makers and private sector leaders in Asia.

Nishan has previously held several governing, teaching, and research positions internationally as well as in Sri Lanka. Between 1997 and 2000 Nishan was involved in a number of national policy-making bodies in Sri Lanka, serving as a Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, a Member of the Presidential Committee on Tobacco, Alcohol and Dangerous Drug Regulation, a Member of the National Steering Committee on Social Security, and as a Member of the Presidential Task Force on Health Sector Reforms. Hewas a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Oxford from 2003 to 2007, and served as the Executive Director at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies upon his return to Sri Lanka.

Nishan is the founding president of the Oxford Graduate Christian Union, and has long been engaged with the Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS) in Sri Lanka. Currently he serves on the Executive Committee of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

Nishan’s article "Thoughts on the Financial Crisis" (click below to read or download) featured in the journal Church and Society in Asia Today (Volume 12 No. 2) published by the Trinity Theological Seminary in Singapore.