Professor Cameron is president and CEO of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington, DC. He was founding director of the Center on Nanotechnology and Society. Known internationally for his work on bioethics, he founded the journal Ethics and Medicine and the Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy in London. He also chairs the board of the Center for Bioethics in the Church. He has written and edited nine books on the subject, including his seminal volume The New Medicine (Crossway, 1992).Dr. Cameron has written on issues as diverse as the authority of the Bible, evolution, and the Christian life. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, Nightline, Frontline, and other network media as a spokesman for Judeo-Christian perspectives on old and new issues in medicine and bioethics. He has been a visiting scholar at UBS Wolfsberg in Switzerland, a featured speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and a participant in the US/European Commission dialogue on Perspectives on the Future of Science and Technology. He has represented the United States as bioethics advisor on US delegations to the United Nations, testifying before the congressional hearings on human cloning, and is a member of the United States National Commission for UNESCO.