Dr. Gibson’s Ph.D. research was on the development of new experimental paradigms for the investigation of religious cognition. Since 2007 he has held the Templeton Research Fellowship in Science and Religion at Queens' College, and more recently has taken up a lecturer position at the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology. He has been involved in supervision and teaching of psychology and practical theology for colleges within the University and the Cambridge Theological Federation. In addition to this, he has had several roles on the Steering Group of the British Association of Christians in Psychology (BACIP) and has been involved at St Barnabas Church, Cambridge in a variety of ways including lay preaching, serving on the PCC, cluster leading, and carrying out a major consultancy.Dr. Gibson’s current research interest is how religious believers and non-believers represent God in mind. He works within an information-processing framework and draws on the social cognition and cognition and emotion literatures as they can be applied within the psychology of religion. His current work seeks to better understand how and when people use representations of God's supernatural powers and human-like characteristics.