A native of Quebec City, Dr. Neil Gillman is the author of several books and essays, including Sacred Fragments: Recovering Theology for the Modern Jew, which won the 1991 National Jewish Book Award in Jewish Thought. His book Conservative Judaism: A New Century,

published by Behrman House in 1993, is an insightful and

thought-provoking record of the Conservative Movement's history. His

most recent book, The Way into Encountering God in Judaism, was published by Jewish Lights in spring 2000. One of Dr. Gillman's recent essays, an excursus on eschatology, appeared in Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary (ed. David Lieber, 2001).

One of three regular contributors to the "Sabbath Week" column in the Jewish Week, New York's Anglo-Jewish newspaper, Dr. Gillman is also chair of the Sh'ma Advisory Committee. He is a member of the Commission on the Philosophy of Conservative Judaism, which produced Emet Ve'Emunah, the first statement of principles for Conservative Judaism.

Dr. Neil Gillman graduated from McGill University, was ordained at JTS, and received his PhD in Philosophy from Columbia University.