Miikka Niiranen serves as the National Coordinator for The Veritas Forum in Finland. He received his Master's degree in electrical engineering from Aalto University. During and after his studies he worked in the technology industry, such as in the R&D department of KONE and as an e-learning developer at ABB. Miikka has also worked as a journalist and web business developer for Uusi Tie, a Lutheran weekly paper. Currently he is working on his PhD in history of science at Aalto University, studying the thought of the physicist James Clerk Maxwell. During his undergraduate studies, he was actively involved in the campus ministry of IFES Finland, serving as the leader of the local student group in Helsinki and as a member of the national board. He is a founding member and the former chief editor of Areiopagi.fi, a leading web magazine in Finland aiming to popularize the academic scholarship related to theology, philosophy and science. His hobbies include reading (mostly nonfiction, fantasy and some science fiction), watching movies (preferably fantasy and sci-fi) and playing soccer. Miikka is married to Jarna and they live in Hämeenlinna with their three children.