Michael L. Platt and his team at Platt Labs focus on understanding how the brain makes decisions. A Penn PIK Professor, Dr. Platt's quest for answers has led him outside the traditional boundaries of neuroscience: his expertise in psychology, economics, evolutionary biology, animal learning & behavior, in addition to his international collaborations, have enabled him to understand neural bases of cognitive behavior at ever-deeper levels. He adopted an economic-mathematical approach to studying the physiology of decision-making, rejecting the long-held idea that decision-making is a reactive sensory-motor process. His particular quantitative approach has established a more realistic method of inquiry that yields improved analyses of data sets in brain research. Platt also directs the new Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, a community of faculty, undergraduates, graduate and professional students interested in connecting brain science and business. Michael graduated with honors from Yale University and received his Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from Penn. Institutions/agencies supporting his research include the National Institutes of Health, the Sloan Foundation, Autism Speaks, the Davis Foundation for Eating Disorders Research, and the Department of Defense.