Born and raised in Brantford, Marc is a graduate of Assumption College School. At Assumption, Marc began to show his leadership in Brant taking part in his first city council delegation at the age of 14 where he successfully advocated for a new city bus route for Assumption College School. Marc later became co-president of the student council. Marc is currently a Clinical Social Worker, Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist. Previously he spent several years working in the media as an on air talent, reporter, film festival coordinator, technical director and Executive Producer of TV Zoom a small television and film production agency in Ottawa. He has lectured classes on such topics as “Empowerment and Voice,” “Advocacy” "Poverty and Health" “Understanding Communities and Organizations” and "Children's Social Work" at several Canadian Universities. Marc is actively working to make the community of Brant a better place. He was the candidate for the NDP during the last federal election. He is a former National Director of Canada without Poverty and the former Coordinator of the Brant/Brantford Roundtable on Poverty which has held several successful community forums and has engaged the collaborative participation of several local individuals, organizations and businesses. Recently, with his business partners he created the Brant Advocate a local publication that focuses on telling the stories of the region including stories from a social justice and religious perspective among many others.