Larry Reed is the Chief Executive Officer of the Opportunity International Network, a global coalition of 60 microfinance organizations in over 30 countries., with partner organizations in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Beginning his service with Opportunity-US in 1984, Reed has held a variety of senior positions before founding Opportunity's Africa Regional Office in Zimbabwe in 1991 and serving as its Africa Regional Director until 1996. Upon returning to the US, he became Vice President of Global Operations for Opportunity-US, and was later asked to lead the new Opportunity International Network. Reed is the past chair of the Small Education Enterprise Promotion (SEEP) Network, a research and advocacy group of microfinance industry practitioners. He also has spoken at several economic conferences in Africa. Reed is a graduate of Wheaton College and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He has published several articles on microfinance and served as a contributor to several papers: "The New World of Microfinance" (1996), "Serving with the Poor in Africa," and "Globalization and the Kingdom of God" (2001).