Professor Scharp earned his PhD in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh in 2005, and since then has been at the Ohio State University. He works primarily on philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and the history of analytic philosophy. He has given talks on a wide range of philosophical subjects all over the world. He has published papers on the concept of truth, the liar paradox, semantics, and John Locke's theory of reflection. Together with Robert Brandom, he edited a collection of Wilfrid Sellars’ essays entitled In the Space of Reasons, published by Harvard University Press in 2007. Scharp's book, Replacing Truth is being published by Oxford University Press in 2013. It presents a new theory of our concept of truth according to which the concept itself is defective and should be replaced for certain theoretical purposes. He has taught classes on logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, ethics, political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, rationality, indeterminacy, and various figures in the history of philosophy from Hegel to Wittgenstein.