Kenneth Brown is Associate Professor of Philosophy, and has been at Cal Poly since 2007. He earned his BA in from UC Irvine, MA from Claremont, and Ph.D. from UC Irvine, all in philosophy, and has taught at many universities including CSULB, UCI, Chapman, Redlands, Irvine Valley College going back to 1993. He primary teaches in history of philosophy including Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern Rationalism and Empiricism, and the history of 20th Century Analytic Philosophy, and also teaches various ethics courses. One running theme in his courses includes how values develop out of the turmoil in the emergence of new sciences (which is what was going on in ancient Greece, in early modern Europe, and in the early 20th century). He is advisor to philosophy majors and minors, and actively participates in the University Honors Program. He loves gardening and working on a commercial vineyard, and functions as a hack dog trainer, at least with his faithful rat-terrier Mortimer, while also  an aficionado of the history of auto racing, of film, and of rock music, and also is an avid collector of live performance recordings.