Dr. Shah is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Delaware. He also serves as a Senior Policy Fellow with The Institute of Energy and Environment Policy at The University of Delaware and Director of the Energy and Environmental Policy Program (ENEP). Dr. Shah earned his B.E. in Metallurgical Engineering at Dawood Engineering College in Karachi, Pakistan. He completed a Ph.D. in Materials Science at The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and worked as a Dupont Postdoctoral Fellow in the Coordinated Sciences Laboratory. His research interests include Engineered Nanomaterials and Nature Interface: Cradle to grave study of the nanomaterials, including synthesis, characterization, and interactions at various interfaces as well as Nanomaterials for Energy and the Environment: Nanomaterials for photocatalysis, electrolysis and photovoltaics. An esteemed lecturer, Dr. Shah received the Excellence in Teaching Award through the College of Engineering at The University of Delaware in 2007.