Gary S. Hauk is vice president and deputy to the president of Emory

University, where he has served in senior administrative positions for

more than twenty years. Before appointment to his current role in 2004,

he served as vice president and secretary of the university, working

closely with the Board of Trustees and with three successive Emory


As deputy to the president, he guides a variety of University-wide

projects and provides a broad range of support to the University as a

writer, editor, and repository of institutional memory. He is the author

of the most recent history of Emory, A Legacy of Heart and Mind: Emory

Since 1836, and he is co-editor of a forthcoming collection of essays

about Emory’s history, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads.

Hauk earned his Ph.D. in ethics from Emory’s Graduate Division of

Religion. Prior to that he earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from

Lehigh University and a master of divinity degree from the Methodist

Theological School in Ohio. He periodically teaches ethics and writing

to undergraduates and serves on a number of editorial advisory boards.