Gary Eden is Director of the Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering, University of Illinois, a laboratory devoted to the study and applications of the interaction of visible and ultraviolet radiation with matter. Professor Eden received his Ph. D. from the University of Illinois. His research interests include Laser Magnetometry, Microcavity Plasmas and Optical/Electronic Devices, Ultrafast Science, Optical Physics in the Visible and Ultraviolet, and Laser Spectroscopy and Photochemistry. He is the cofounder of Eden Park Illumination and EP Purification. Eden Park Illumination is a dynamic lighting technology company that specializes in lighting research, product development and commercialization of the “Microplasma” technology. EP Purification develops prototypes for a series of ozone generators based on microplasma technology. It is his conviction that Jesus of Nazareth lived, was crucified and raised from the dead. He was (and is) precisely who He claimed to be--the Way, the Truth and the Life--and those who place their trust in Him receive eternal life.