Gabrielle Apollon '15 appeared in front of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on October 31 to give testimony about the human rights violations of Haitian migrants to Brazil. Apollon, the recipient of a Ford fellowship, spent 10 weeks working at Conectas Human Rights in Sao Paolo last summer. Her testimony at IACHR (watch the video) is based on 25 hours of interviews that she conducted with Haitian migrants in Brasileia, a town near the Bolivian border. At the shelter she visited, Apollon, a Canadian of Haitian descent, found that migrants were eager to speak with her since, unlike shelter employees, she spoke Creole and French and thus could communicate with them. In her sophomore year, she and a friend—Nora Weber, CC ’10—were awarded a $10,000 grant to sponsor the year-round schooling of 35 children in Haiti. The summer after her sophomore year, Apollon travelled to Haiti—her mother’s homeland—to teach English, Creole, health education, Bible study, and arts and crafts to 260 children. Apollon describes her work in Haiti as her biggest accomplishment, where she made education available to children in a country where only 50 percent of kids go to school. She has also tutored students in New York.