In his personal testimony, Dr. Schaefer writes that on his fourth year as a faculty member at UC Berkeley, he became a Christian. Ever since, he has made the most of his opportunities as a gifted chemist and teacher to speak on the topics of faith and science to a wide, mostly college audience. Dr. Schaefer speaks convincingly that one can be a credible scientist and a committed Christian, that the scientific view is not necessarily opposed to the religious. Dr. Schaefer is also willing to speak about his personal experiences and struggles as a Christian, including having to deal with the death of his adopted infant son to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A man of unquestioned intelligence, with a passion for sharing his faith, Dr. Schaefer almost left his faculty position at the University of Georgia when he was criticized for being too outspoken about God (which was quickly resolved in his favor). Dr. Schaefer is the Graham Perdue Professor of Chemistry and the director of the Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry at the University of Georgia. He has authored more than 900 scientific publications. He has been recognized as one of the most cited chemists in the world and was nominated for the Nobel Prize. He graduated from M.I.T. and has a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Stanford University.