Erin Darby is an Assistant Professor in Department of Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee. Her research and teaching interests include topics in Biblical Studies (especially Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism), Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology, Art History, Judaic Studies, Ritual Studies, and Gender Studies. Erin is also the co-director of the ‘Ayn Gharandal Archaeological Project in southern Jordan, where she and her husband run an archaeological field school during the summer months. Upcoming projects include further work on figurines from Israel, Jordan, and Syria and the publication of the excavations at ‘En Hatsevah, Israel. Erin has an M.A. in Religious Studies from Missouri State University and earned her PhD from Duke University; her dissertation focuses on small female figurines from southern Israel, using various modes of inquiry to ascertain the function and role of the figurines in Judean ritual life. Her latest book is entitled Interpreting Judean Pillar Figurines: Gender and Empire in Judean Apotropaic Ritual (Forschungen Zum Alten Testament 2.Reihe, 2014).