lise Crull received a B.Sc (2005) in Physics from Calvin College, and holds an M.A. (2008) in Philosophy and Ph.D (2011) in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Notre Dame. Before coming to City College, Dr. Crull held post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Aberdeen and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, conducting research into the historical and philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics. In addition to work within history and philosophy of science, Crull is interested in addressing philosophical problems associated with theories of quantum gravity and traditional cosmology. She also works at the intersection of physics and metaphysics, exploring the import of quantum decoherence (and other microphysical processes) for traditional ontologies and for inter-level relations like reduction and emergence. Since her research interests are deeply interdisciplinary, Prof. Crull frequently engages with associated meta-issues such as the ethics of emergent science and technology, the perception of science and technology in the public sphere, history and philosophy of science in education, and the nature of the science-theology-philosophy triad.