Donald Hubin is the principal investigator of the Innovation Group working to develop the OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values.  He is a Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at The Ohio State University. Don received his B.A. in philosophy from the University of California at Davis (1972) and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona (1976 and 1978). He has been on the faculty of the Philosophy Department at The Ohio State University since 1977, with a brief absence to serve as a Visiting Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh in 1983-84.

Don specializes in ethics, philosophy of law and political philosophy. He has worked on a variety of topics, including theories of distributive justice and the nature and justification of cost/benefit analysis under an NSF grant. He currently has two primary research interests: first, the nature of practical rationality and the relationship between morality and rationality; and, second, the nature and basis of parental rights and responsibilities. Selected publications on the first topic include: “Converging on Value,” Analysis, 59:4(1999)355-361; “Desires, Whims and Values,” The Journal of Ethics, 7(2003 )315-335; and, “The Groundless Normativity of Instrumental Rationality,” The Journal of Philosophy 98:9(2001)445–468. Selected publications on the second topic include: “Parental Rights and Due Process,” The Journal of Law and Family Studies, 1:2(1999)123–150; “Daddy Dilemmas: Untangling the Puzzles of Paternity,” The Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, 13(2003)29-80;  "Reproductive Interests:  Puzzles at the Periphery of the Property Paradigm," Social Philosophy and Policy, 29(2012)106-25;  and, "Fatherhood," International Encyclopedia of Ethics (forthcoming).

Since 2005, Don has been an Associate Editor of Ethics, one of the two leading journals in moral philosophy in the world.