Don Demetriades, MA, ABD, is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Honors Faculty Fellow at Montana State University. Demetriades has been teaching for over 27 years at a number of institutions, including the University of Michigan, Hillsdale College, Siena Heights University and Toledo University. Demetriades' course titles include: Technology and the Human Condition; The Philosophy of Human Suffering; Introduction to the Humanities; Aristotle, Good and Evil; Freedom and Responsibility; History of Philosophy; Texts and Critics; and The Art and Science of Medicine. He has been an avid and competitive distance runner all his life, with 39 marathons under his belt, including a PR of 2:25. Most recently Demetriades has run 15 ultramarathons, mostly on mountain trails, spanning in distance from 50K to 50 miles, and has set numerous 50 age group records. He holds the distinction of being one of the few people who have run a sub-2:50 marathon in five different decades. Demetriades is the founder and director of the Headwaters Relay, a run to the ultimate source of the Missouri in southwestern Montana, and the co-director of Bozeman's Lewis and Clark Marathon.