Dr. Carreon studied Civil Engineering at UCLA, spending time in a nano-medicine lab and doing nonprofit work in Mexico. Upon graduation, he went to medical school at Stanford where he developed an interest in psychiatry and neuroscience. He started working in a neuroscience lab and studying cognitive behavioral therapy as a medical student, and decided to continue on at Stanford as a psychiatry resident. His research has focused on willpower and "top down" control, from a naturalistic project looking at self-control "in the wild," to a project trying to increase self-control with brain stimulation, to a gigantic study looking at all the brain imaging studies of executive function in mental illness. Clinically, he is intrigued, challenged, and inspired by his patients with depression. He is working on developing holistic treatments and finding better ways to help patients who are depressed thrive, body, brain, and soul. He also loves teaching, nonprofit work (including a year in Kenya), excessively long brunch conversations, and podcasting (http://psyched.space).