CLARENCE L TERRY is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at Occidental College and the Associate Director of the Black Male Institute at UCLA. A recipient of 2009 Dr. Barbara Sizemore Award (American Educational Research Association’s Research Focus on Black Education special interest group) and a National Science Foundation (NSF) Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME) Fellow, Dr. Terry is the author of the forthcoming journal article, "Prisons, Pipelines and the President: Developing Critical Math Literacy Through Participatory Action Research" accepted for publication in the Journal of African American Males in Education (JAAME). As a former classroom teacher, Dr. Terry’s current research focuses on the creation of ‘counter-space’ as an alternative environment for the mathematics education of high school-aged Black males. Within these spaces, he explores the impact of critical literacies on the formation of Black males’ racial and mathematics identities, as well as their social agency within a context of participatory action research (PAR). As an African American male who has successfully navigated K-16 mathematics curricula, Dr. Terry brings to his research a passion for the teaching and learning of mathematics, as well as a deep experiential understanding of the day-to-day struggle of someone who is not expected to achieve in academically rigorous settings. His experience teaching in urban space provides the foundation from which he currently works with pre-service and in-service educators who are engaging students across greater Los Angeles and in Southern California with socially- and racially-just pedagogies.