Charles (Chuck) Colson, Brown class of '53 and George Washington U. (J.D.) class of '59 with honors, came to fame in the 1970s as Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon. Among the president's top three advisers, Colson earned the moniker, Nixon's hatchet man for his ruthlessness in getting things done. In the midst of Watergate he famously converted to Christianity, voluntarily pleading guilty to a crime that investigators did yet not know he had committed, and served a term in jail. After his release, he founded Prison Fellowship, an international ministry to inmates, which he still leads today. Mr. Colson is a profound thinker on American culture and is highly regarded as an author, speaker, and radio commentator. He has written several books including How Now Shall We Live? and his autobiography, Born Again. In 1993 Colson was awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize, for "extraordinary leadership and originality in advancing humanity's understanding of God."