Christine Shepardson studies the history of Early Christianity, particularly the Mediterranean world in the period of late antiquity. Her first book, Anti-Judaism and Christian Orthodoxy: Ephrem's Hymns in Fourth-Century Syria, examines Ephrem, a fourth-century church leader from Syria, and the role his sharp anti-Jewish language played in an intra-Christian theological struggle. She is currently writing a new book about how the politics of controlling contested places in and around the city of Antioch helped shape the theological debates of the fourth and fifth centuries. In teaching about the history of early Christianity, she demonstrates the effects that early Christian arguments continue to have in the modern world, as well as the rich diversity of early Christian history. She is the winner of a 2009-2010 ACLS Fellowship, a 2008 NEH Summer Stipend, and a 2008 Franklin Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society.