Bruce A. Weinberg received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago before joining the faculty at the Ohio State University, where he is now Professor of Economics and Public Administration. His research has been published in journals including The American Economic Review, The Journal of Political Economy, The Review of Economics and Statistics, The Economic Journal, and The Journal of Labor Economics. This research spans three areas. The first is the economics of innovation and creativity. This work studies how creativity and innovation varies over the life cycle and how an individual’s own creativity is affected by the presence of other important innovators. He also studies migration of innovators, trends in innovative competitiveness across countries, and the economic impacts of innovation. The second area is family and neighborhood determinants of youth outcomes and behavior. This work studies how youth behaviors, including employment, delinquency, cognitive development, and risky behaviors, are affected by their families and peer groups. The third research area concerns technological change, industrial shifts, and the wage structure. This work studies how computerization and the shift from manufacturing to services have affected the gender wage gap, the racial wage gap, and the returns to experience.