Braddigan, former member of Dispatch, has formed a diversely talented band, which includes Braddigan on guitar and vocals, Reinaldo de Jesús from Barrio Obrero Santurce, Puerto Rico, on percussion, Tiago Mechado from Sao Paulo, Brazil on bass and other string instruments, most notably the Cavaquinoh, a Brazilian ukulele and Paul Stivitts from New York on Drums.Braddigan's music captures the essence of a band from around the world, with its arms stretched wide taking in the magnificence of our world while moving through it at light speed – escape captivity in your own life, use your wings to find your calling.Much of their music is inspired by their non-profit organization called Love, Light and Melody to benefit the people of La Chureca, the trash dump community of Managua, Nicaragua where Braddigan has taken a deep rooted interest and concern with the people and way of life. Braddigan releases his music under his independent label, Third Surfer Music.