Andy Norman teaches philosophy at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. He works on the conceptual and historical foundations of humanism and is a skilled facilitator of collaborative inquiry. He has published widely on the nature of reason and the teaching of wisdom, and written books on critical thinking and the structure of dialogue. Andy is also a serial entrepreneur: his educational software company built an early “thought processor” for strengthening reasoning skills, and he currently runs popular character education programs for children. The former Director of CMU’s Ethics, History and Public Policy program, Andy is interested in constructive engagement with the religious, and in developing naturalistic alternatives to destructive religious mythologies. Andy speaks regularly on such topics as reason and faith, science and religion, the foundations of ethics, and the evolutionary, cultural, and attitudinal roots of prosocial behavior.

Andy works at reviving the forgotten virtue of wisdom. He enjoys facilitating collaborative inquiry on life's big questions. He appreciates the art of listening, advises Carnegie Mellon's Humanist League, and conducts research on the structure of reason-giving dialogue. Andy seeks to promote a better understanding of reason's requirements, and life-affirming alternatives to destructive ideologies. His work appears in Free Inquiry, the Humanist Network News, and a wide range of scholarly journals. In his free time, he runs Ultimate Frisbee camps for kids.