Professor Alister McGrath is the Director of the Oxford Centre for Evangelism and Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall, and Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University. He has a special interest in atheism, especially evident in his recent landmark book Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life (Blackwells). He teaches in the areas of systematic theology, science and religion, spirituality and apologetics. Professor McGrath studied at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and served in a parish in Nottingham before joining the staff at Wycliffe. He is one of the most widely read and influential Christian writers in the world, and travels extensively to speak at conferences and missions. He has written a number of important works on Reformation history and theology, and on the development and prospects for Evangelicalism. His many writings include his acclaimed book on apologetics, Bridge-Building (Apollos), his internationally popular Christian Theology: An Introduction ; and more academic works, such as Iustitia Dei: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification (Cambridge University Press), now about to appear in a third edition. His recent trilogy A Scientific Theology (Eerdmans, 2001-3) has been hailed as one of the most important works of systematic theology to appear in recent years.