Professor Wong's focus is on the physics of ions in plasmas, in areas of linear and nonlinear wave phenomena, cyclotron waves, ion acoustic waves, drift waves, microwave radiation, electron and ion wave echoes, nonlinear dynamic equilibria, and mode coupling. Wong received a patent on a unique version of the torch-centrifuge combination for application to the waste disposal problem. Recently, he has been directing research on the application of the Dawson Plasma Separation Process to the separation of isotopes, particularly for medical uses. He is the author of the "Introduction to Experimental Plasma Physics". Wong has graduated 24 PhD students at UCLA, and has directed the research of 16 post-doctoral physicists. Wong is a Fellow in the American Physical Society, a member of the American Geophysical Union, and a director of the Ozone Society and holds degrees from University of Toronto, University of Illinois, and Princeton.