Dr. Alan White is Mark Hopkins Professor of Philosophy at Williams College. Until 2003, Dr. White’s focus was on continental philosophy, publishing Absolute Knowledge. Hegel and the Problem of Metaphysics (1983), Schelling. An Introduction to the System of Freedom (1983), and Within Nietzsche’s Labyrinth (1990). Since Fall 2003, Dr. White has been collaborating with Lorenz B. Puntel (Professor Emeritus, Munich) on a systematic philosophy he had been working on since the late 1970s. To date, the project has resulted in the publication of two books whose English versions are Structure and Being (2008) and Being and God (2011), both by Lorenz B. Puntel, both translated by and in collaboration with Dr. White. A third book, Toward a Philosophical Theory of Everything. Contributions to the Structural-Systematic Philosophy , Dr. White authored and published in 2014. A review published in Choice in August 2014 describes it as “a critically important work for all those deeply interested in philosophical issues and their significance for basic human concerns,” notes that it includes an “incisive critique of theories of truth currently favored in analytic philosophy,” and adds that its “critiques of philosophical views on truth, knowledge, freedom, beauty, being, and God are carefully argued, and the discussions engage with current literature.” A Portuguese translation has been completed, and will soon be published in Brazil; a German translation is underway.