Professor Amekudzi's research, teaching and professional activities focus on civil infrastructure decision making to promote sustainable development. Dr. Amekudzi directs theInfrastructure Research Group(IRG) at Georgia Tech, a research group focused on the study, development and application of systems methods for managing civil infrastructure assets for sustainable development. Amekudzi is involved in curriculum development in these areas. She teaches an undergraduate required course:Civil Engineering Systems,and two graduate electives:Infrastructure Systems(Asset Management) andInfrastructure, Megacities and Sustainable Development, all of which address the proper stewardship of infrastructure. Professor Amekudzi is coauthor of the college textbookSystems Engineering with Economics, Probability and Statistics, J. Ross Publishing, 2012. She is the founding chair of the ASCE T&DICommittee on Sustainability and Environment., a member of the NRCBoard on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, and former deputy director of theGeorgia Transportation InstituteandGeorgia Tech Univeristy Transporation Center. She serves on the editorial board of theInternational Journal of Sustainable Transportation, and as Associate Editor for theASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems,and theASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering. In her leisure time, Amekudzi enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, reading and painting.