The Veritas Forum, The Augustine Collective, and Comment Magazine want to honor and celebrate the class of 2020 by publishing five “commencement speeches” of graduating seniors. All graduating seniors—from any (or no) religion, school, country, major, etc.—are invited to participate. In May, Comment will publish the winning speeches online, and Veritas will publish videos of the authors delivering those speeches on its social channels (@veritasforum). Additionally, the five winners will each receive $200 Amazon gift cards.

Some people describe commencement speeches as “cultural barometers” that offer windows into what our society sees as the purpose of life. Although most of them are quickly forgotten, a few become part of our collective consciousness, e.g., David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water.” We cannot imagine a more important year than 2020 for graduating seniors to write and share their own commencement speeches—not only to serve as markers of this historic year, but also to lament and hope as a collective.

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