Scientists now argue that we are on a collision-course with disaster unless the nations of the world collectively improve their stewardship of the environment. Yet the practical, ethical and political obstacles to change are truly daunting: Who is responsible for the climate-induced droughts in Africa? The floods in India? How conclusive is the evidence that climate change is man-caused? Who should be the primary receivers of protection and aid? Is a clean environment a human right? If so, where does it stand in relation to other competing rights? What is the basis of human rights? Vinoth Ramachandra, a Christian theologian from the third world, and John Mutter, one of Columbia’s premier experts in this field, discuss these and other fascinating questions on the ethics of intervention. Who has the most satisfying answers to the questions that climate change has provoked? Opening presentations are be followed by a moderated discussion, and audience Q&A is led by Cynthia Peabody.